How to contribute to the Brainwave GRC Community

If you want to submit your own add-ons and make them available to the Brainwave GRC community, please don’t hesitate to send us your “.facet” files by email at [email protected]
To find out how to create your own add-ons, please have a look to this Expert Exchange article.

Overview of the Marketplace, add-ons and Boosters operation

In the following videos, you will find how the Brainwave GRC Marketplace operates.

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Brainwave GRC add-ons vs Brainwave GRC Boosters

A Brainwave GRC add-on is a package that includes pre-defined technical components of a Brainwave GRC project that can be installed, uninstalled and upgraded as wishes. This package allows to add / remove functionalities in a seamless way. Those can be collectors for specific applications, workflow processes, reports, examples or documentation, etc.
A Brainwave GRC Booster is a complete package that includes all the necessary components from collectors to specific dashboards and analysis to deal with a specific environment. For instance you may find Boosters for unstructured data, for Google Drive, for sap etc.

These add-ons and Boosters are delivered as “.facet” files.

Add-ons and Boosters categories

Add-ons and Boosters are set to the following categories:

    • Pricing:

“Included with Premium Support”: Brainwave GRC provides the technical support of the add-on or Booster for clients and partners members of the Premium Support program.
“Dedicated pricing”: the add-on or Booster has to be paid for.
“Not Applicable”: the add-on or Booster is free of charge.

    • Delivery:

“Preview”: the add-on can not be downloaded, only descriptions and screencopies are available on the website.
“Beta”: the add-on is a beta version, testing of and adjustments to the add-on or Booster will be undertaken.
“Release”: the add-on has been released by Brainwave GRC or the author.
“Sample”: the add-on is an example or starter kit that allows you to start rapidly your Brainwave project on the selected environment.
“Deprecated”: the add-on is no more supported or available, and have to be upgraded to last available version.

    • Support type:

“Author”: the author provides the technical support of the add-on or Booster for clients and partners members of the Brainwave support program.
“Brainwave”: Brainwave provides the technical support of the add-on or Booster for clients and partners members of the Brainwave support program.
“Not supported”: the add-on or Booster is not supported by any stakeholders.

How-to install an add-on or booster from the Marketplace


  • Import the add-on/booster (facet file) into your project

Open the Brainwave identity GRC studio, then in the tab audit on the left part of the studio, click on “Other actions” > “Show project facet”
Here you have an overview on all the available facet files in your project and by clicking on the tab “Installed facets” all the installed ones.

To add a new facet file to your project, click on the green + button.
Then add-on name will be updated in the list available in the tab “Available facets”

  • Install the add-on/booster into your projectimport2

From the “Available facets” tab, select the facet file you want to install, have a look on the right part to the dependancies, description and instructions for use and then click on the “Install” button.
During the installation process, you may have to set variables if required.
Once installed, all the add-on files will be deployed and available in your project. The installed add-on will be then displayed in the “Installed facets” tab.

  • Upgrade the add-on/booster into your projectimport3

If you need to upgrade an existing add-on, you have to import the new related facet file as describe in the part “Import the add-on/booster…” above.
Then from the “Installed facets” tab, after selecting the related add-on in the list, the “Upgrade” button will be available for click.
Click on the “Upgrade” button, and from the opening window, check variables when relevant and finally all the files that will be modified.
You have the possibility to check the “Keep replaced files by renaming them” box if you want to save the add-on files modified by the upgrade.
These files will be renamed in “.old” within your project.

Important with version Curie

When installing or updating add-ons, it’s necessary to manually migrate all reports in order to ensure the consistency of the data bindings in the project.

If the migration is not performed it will not be possible to create the Birt report in the webportal.

More information?

For further information, please search the knowledge base available in our documentation platform.

Please note that our technical support is open from Monday to Friday for further information or inquiries.
You can reach us by email at [email protected] or open tickets directly using our support website (24/7)