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Active Directory basic rules and controls

by Brainwave


This add-on provides a set of rules and controls regarding Active Directory accounts and some critical security groups.

These controls and rules are distributed in three different categories:

  • Data quality issues
  • Security risks controls
  • Critical security groups membership

You will find the following controls on Data Quality:

  • AD disabled account
  • AD inactive account
  • AD orphan active accounts
  • AD service account

on Security Risks:

  • AD leaver’s active account
  • AD active accounts for which the password cannot expire
  • AD account whose password has not changed
  • AD active accounts without a password required

on Security Groups:

  • Account Operators group members
  • Backup Operators group members
  • Domain Admins group members
  • Server Operators group members

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version 1.0

initial version

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