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Starting with Brainwave version Braille, the solution comes with a dedicated web experience called IAP (Identity Analytics Platform) for on-premise or IAS (Identity Analytics Services) in SaaS. The Identity Analytics Platform replaces the former webportal.

The main difference is that IAP/IAS comes with a series of off-the-shelf analytics/reports/controls/… to provide more value to the end-users.

IAP/IAS is also in an active development phase at Brainwave, thus by deploying IAS, not only the end user will benefit from a lot of off-the-shelf value, but he will also benefit of regular updates/improvements.

IAP/IAS has been built with a set of general principles in mind, please find them below:

    • FAST – results within 5 seconds, metadata powered,
    • EFFICIENT – all answers 3 clicks away,
    • CONSISTENT – same navigation & presentation logic,
    • SIMPLE – yet POWERFUL intuitive UX, rich analytics,
    • RICH all – concepts are leveraged, details are accessible when needed,
    • TEMPORAL – all UI include temporal analysis,
    • SECURITY BY DESIGN – you cannot see more than what is needed based on your management responsibilites,
    • EXTENSIBLE – easy to extend through ‘Tags’.


Revision History

version 1.6

Remediation enhancement with native support of Jira and emailing for RPA

Out of the box project dashboards

Access review: default comments are proposed when revoking an entry

Access review: can review an entry with an update status (change requested)

Access review: can now declare that you are not the reviewer for some entries

Access review: can see new delegated review entries

Access review: can launch self-review campaigns

Access review: Pause/continue campaigns


version 1.5

Remediation enhancement with native support of ServiceNow


version 1.4

Review enhancement with ability to set up account reviews and access rights reviews

Improved SoD analytics

New mining analytics reports accessible from search menus

Report subscription functionality officially supported

Functionality to integrate mashup dashboard reports as files within the project


version 1.3

New feature allowing to subscribe to application reports to receive key information on a regular basis by email.

Updates to the internal management of metadata and performance enhancements.


version 1.2

New user access review feature based on permissions and remediation feature.


version 1.1

New feature to add tags, discretely or in bulk, on all resources available via the search pages.

Possibility to define a sensitivity level to all entities. It can automatically be propagated to accounts and identities.

Integrated support of the “Booster for Active Directory”.


version 1.0

Initial version


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