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JSON/REST connector

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JSON/REST connector snapshot image
JSON/REST connector snapshot image
JSON/REST connector snapshot image
JSON/REST connector snapshot image


This add-on provides generic JSON/REST connector. It is used to extract data from a third party application which publish its data over the web through JSON/REST. This is the case for most of the modern cloud applications.

This add-on supports the JSON format as a response (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4627), it also supports web linking standard for paginated results (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5988).

You only have to specify the endpoint url and that’s it. the add-on will retrieve the data and will parse the result into a CSV file.


Revision History

version 1.2.7

Solve bug when parsing empty sub elements


version 1.2.6

Handle simple non-array answers


version 1.2.5

Add an option to ignore bad server certificates


version 1.2.4

Supports nested escape sequences such as <<id>>


version 1.2.3

Add-on’s metadata update for the Marketplace


version 1.2.1

Add BasicHTTP auth, support nested anonymous arrays in JSON


version 1.1

Add iterator capabilities


version 1.0

Initial version


Average Rating:

 Very useful to connect to cloud apps

Sébastien Faivre 6 September 2018 Reply

This add-on is very useful when you want to extract data from cloud applications who provide a JSON/REST endpoint.
It can manage simple array answers and more sophisticated paginated results.

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