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Brainwave GRC Booster for Data Governance

by Brainwave


This booster provides audit risks and compliance analysis on shared folders and:

  • Provide continuous analysis over informations (directories, users, access rights)
  • Build an inventory and start data classification to make them understandable by all stakeholders
  • Identify the data business owner in order to easily involve them when needed
  • Identify and analyze quality and security issues
  • Review user access rights over unstructured data: who can access and modify which data?
  • Provide compliance reports and ready-to-use analysis for compliance audits
  • Provide analysis reports to the internal company authorities (CISO, CIO, DPO, Audit, Internal Risk, etc.)

Revision History

  • v1.3.7 : Beta support of O365
  • v1.3.1 : update of dependencies
  • v1.3 : update for 2017 R2 compatibility
  • v1.2 : initial version of the booster

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