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Windows Shared Folders rights – data extraction and collect

by Brainwave


This Add-on provides means to import the permissions of one or many NTFS File Shares.

The Add-on includes discovery, collector and silo files which use the CSV files containing the extracted rights on shares and files.
It also includes a PowerShell script that can be used to generate the CSV extraction file used as the entry point of the collector.
The files and folders of the NTFS file share are imported as permissions and regrouped in an application specifically created for each extracted share.
This Add-on requires the Active Directory Add-on to import the accounts and groups of all the AD domains that hold rights on the file system.

Documentation on how to extract ACLs data using Brainwave GRC script is available in /library/contribs/bw_win_sharedfolders/

Revision History

v3.0 :

  • Improvement of the extraction and collect of ACL inheritance with propagation flag

v2.6 :

  • ACL Extractor improvement, add compatibility with NetApp C-Mode

v2.3 :

  • Enhancement of the extraction script execution
  • Extractor log file is now updated if path does not exist
  • Extractor supports now brackets in the paths/filenames

Previous versions :

  • v2.2 : Add documentation, update credential parameter format
  • v2.1 : Support for the group NT AUTHORITYAuthenticated Users
  • v2.0 : Updated for compatibility reasons with add-on AD 4.3
  • v1.2 : The application type is now Filesystem, the application name is now correctly configured in the Rights collect line
  • v1.1 : improvement on filter for NT AUTHORITY values in discovery
  • v1.0 : initial version of the Add-on providing extraction scripts and import for an NTFS file share

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